Career Transitions

for International Health Professionals
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Career Transitions is a comprehensive employment preparation program for internationally trained health professionals that connects with employers and community partners. The program provides focused training to help participants transition their skills and knowledge into healthcare-related roles. There is no cost for participating in the Career Transitions Program. Our team also works with employers and community partners to connect them to qualified candidates for a variety of healthcare-related positions. Career Transitions is funded by Employment Ontario and is a program of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants.

How We Help

Canadian Healthcare Sector

We help you understand the Canadian health sector and what you need to do to work in your field.

Resumes, Mock Interviews

We help you with the practical stuff, like resumes tailored for the Canadian market and practice interviews to help you make a great first impression.

Discovering New Opportunities

Sometimes you just want a fresh start. We’ll show you how to transition to a new career in the health care sector or maybe follow a new dream.

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From Our Clients

My name is Anas Wess. We met in 2016 when I was a volunteer at the Catholic Centre of Immigrants. It is with greatest pleasure I let you know that I am a step closer to accomplishing my goals as I graduate this month from my surgical residency and just sat for the Canadian Royal College Exam in General Surgery earlier this week. I have also recently accepted a job offer becoming the official Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Fellow of the University of British Columbia starting this summer and will be moving from Winnipeg to Vancouver soon. I can never forger the help and support I got from CCI staff and the efforts put into helping me start there a few years ago. I always hope that my story will help and inspire anyone who is struggling initially to reach their goals, going through cultural dislocation or having to start from scratch somewhere on the face of this planet.

“The person who was running the program was a very good communicator. He was very realistic about my options. As a German, I appreciated his bluntness. He (the program leader) suggested a licence might not be the way to go. He suggested I look for alternative ways to use my skills. I always had a soft spot for mind-body issues, so I started to look at what I could do there. I really appreciated meeting other health professionals who were facing similar challenges. And it really helped me to have the Catholic Centre for Immigrants guide me and give me a realistic outlook on what I could be doing.

Inga Bohnekamp

I am writing to thank you because you give me support to apply to Montfort hospital job. I am glad to tell you that I was accepted in the position and I am now starting with the hospital. It was not possible without your help. So, thank you so much. 


Thank you for the support in preparing me and others for a successful career transition in Canada. I am glad to announce that I have been offered a position as a User Experience Researcher at Macadamian, I will ensure to stay in touch and refer as many people as I consider need your services because I really enjoyed every interaction with the team.